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Album Review: Lit – Tastes Like Gold

Those dreaming of the 90s need to look no further than Lit’s new album Tastes Like Gold which sounds a lot like a rebranded trip through the golden decade of alternative rock music and might just be one of the band’s best records.

Lit enjoyed a nice payday with their 1999 sophomore release A Place in the Sun and like many bands from that era, even stretching into the early 2000s, the smash platinum album cemented their place in rock music along with a handful of songs on the radio but seemingly everyone forgot about them a few years later. Though the light flickered, Lit remained active releasing three follow up albums including the 2017 country-tinged These Are Days which had original members in singer A. Jay Popoff, bassist Kevin Baldes and guitarist Jeremy Popoff along with drummer Taylor Carroll seemingly reflecting on life and trying new things. Original drummer Allen Shellenberger died of brain cancer in 2009.

But Lit returns with their seventh studio album for the quick 12 song, 38 minute Tastes Like Gold  (released June 17) that rocks steady (yes a little nod to Adrian Young of No Doubt helping out on one song) with a concentrated collection of near rapid fire tracks and an exceptional ballad creating an all-around fixture of a contemporary alternative and power pop punk rock album that fully excels with the exception of one misguided collaboration with American Authors.

“Yeah Yeah Yeah” a single released in October opens the album and gives you a taste of some of the gold to come. Guitar-centric and plenty of power chords help define Tastes Like Gold which continues with “Mouth Shut” in perhaps a bit of commentary on what many in the country have maybe reluctantly but wisely embraced. The same goes for the catchy fun “Kicked Off the Plane.”

Lit crosses into “My Own Worst Enemy” territory with the slower but heavy “Do It Again” but take an emotional dive with the passionate balled “Ok With That” a song that rises to one of the band’s best. The rest of Tastes Like Gold holds tight to harmonious alternative rock melodies with additional excellent finds in “Get Out of My Song“ and “Out Of It.” Add a bit of Nashville to “Hold That Thought” and you can see how they successfully crossed genres. Garth Brooks did it so leave them alone if you don’t like it.

The foul “The Life That I Got” collaboration with American Authors arrives halfway through and sounds like a trivial cover and Lit looking for needless relevancy unlike the actual cover “Let’s Go” borrowed from the Cars that closes and contributes to the album.

Lit will always have their place in the sun but after Tastes Like Gold they should no longer have a view from the bottom.

Grade: B+

Lit Tastes Like Gold Songs:

  1. Yeah Yeah Yeah
  2. Mouth Shut
  3. Do It Again
  4. Kicked Off the Plane
  5. Ok With That
  6. The Life That I Got
  7. Get Out of My Song
  8. Tastes Like Gold
  9. Here’s To Another
  10. Hold That Thought
  11. Out Of It
  12. Let’s Go

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