Album Review: Coldplay – Ghost Stories

That didn’t last long. Coldplay’s upbeat almost happy embrace to song writing that defined much of 2011’s anthemic Mylo Xyloto is completely wiped away with Ghost Stories (out today). There is no paradise on this latest effort that is moody, a bit slow and just downright melancholy. What one outlet dubbed the “Divorce Album,” Ghost Stories sounds more like a full length apology from lead singer Chris Martin to his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow. Martin, shortly after he and Paltrow famously “uncoupled” said he blames himself for the breakup but despite the clear anguish of Ghost Stories, rumors already have him … Continue reading Album Review: Coldplay – Ghost Stories

Album Review: Rush ReDiscovered Vinyl Box Set

What a great and overall satisfying purchase the Rush ReDiscovered Vinyl box set is of the iconic band’s first album. Sure it would be any collector’s dream, and even more so the ultimate Rush fan, if the contents in this limited edition release commemorating the band’s 40th anniversary album, were authentic from the past. That of course would costs thousands. But packaged nicely for a mere $35 (Amazon just jacked up their price to $41 – meaning they just added the “free” shipping costs into the price) inside a sturdy cardboard box with the original Rush logo from the first … Continue reading Album Review: Rush ReDiscovered Vinyl Box Set