Def Leppard Hysteria Album Cover

Album Review: Def Leppard – Hysteria (Vinyl)

Def Leppard celebrated the 30th anniversary of their platinum selling smash record Hysteria by offering a gift to fans and re-releasing the album on vinyl record on August 4. Yes, a gift because if you’ve tried looking for Hysteria on … Continue reading Album Review: Def Leppard – Hysteria (Vinyl)

Concert Review: Metallica Rules The World

Metallica played a monstrous 18 song two-hour, 15 minute set featuring plenty of classics and five from their well-received Hardwired…To Self-Destruct in front of an impressive 50,000-plus raucous fans on Wednesday at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, WA in support of their WorldWired Tour 2017. The godfathers of astute heavy metal wasted little time celebrating their latest release (out Nov. 2016) starting out the gate with the fast-paced “Hardwired” and right into the awesome “Atlas, Rise!” which simply kicked in spite of some early issues. The two felt more like soundcheck guinea pigs – a bit muddy – since the band … Continue reading Concert Review: Metallica Rules The World

Dear Geddy, Alex & Neil: Please Rush Back

Hello? Hey you guys there? It’s been two years. Two years exactly, actually. Alex? Geddy? Hello? Forget Neil, he wouldn’t answer anyway. Two years ago today, you guys performed the final show of the R40 Tour. I remember walking to the merch table for the last time. You know, I remember my first time walking to the merch table. Also at the Forum. It was like a found a pot of gold. I probably spent a pot of gold. Anyway, I tried freezing the moment a little bit longer that evening but it was during “Subdivisions” when it really hit … Continue reading Dear Geddy, Alex & Neil: Please Rush Back