I attended my first concert on April 2, 1990 when I saw Rush on their Presto tour at the Forum in Los Angeles. In 1998, I started my writing career. 

Not too coincidentally, I reviewed my first album – Rush’s Vapor Trails and first concert – Rush’s Vapor Trails Tour – in 2002 for the Orange County Register. It was one of the highlights of my five year career as a reporter for that paper.

Sometime around 2007 attending concerts became almost a hobby introducing me to music and bands I never would have listened to otherwise.

In 2007, I contacted The Oregonian and offered a free review of Rush’s Snakes and Arrows tour I was attending. They declined. Instead, their reporter covered Britney Spears rather than a sold-out Rush concert.

So, in 2012 I decided to start doing what the local media fails to do on a regular basis – review the music that matters, or at least the music that matters to me.

Once I finally figured out the blog thing I posted all of my reviews here – reviews of bands you’ll probably never read about in your local newspaper.

Since then, I have included album reviews, a couple of book reviews and interviews for those generous enough to give this little website some time.

Requests for Album Reviews

Unfortunately, I will no longer consider unsolicited requests for album reviews. After several reviews were never linked to the artists’ social media pages and finally one artist copied and pasted my review to his personal blog, and didn’t even bother to link to my blog, I have decided to close the door on this venture. My process takes far too much time to not get the resulting traffic.

Good luck and if I come across your material on my own, and enjoy it, then I just might review it.

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Drew

    I came across your blog last year when you wrote about Jimmy Eat World’s last album, ‘Surviving’. I’d not listened to them for a long, long time but your piece encouraged me to delve back in and I’m glad I did! Thank you! Been enjoying the blog since.
    I was quite disappointed to learn of the lack of respect you have received before from unsolicited album review requests – I’ve never quite understood artists that behave that way and it’s a shame that behaviour damages opportunities for other artists.
    I would love you to have a listen to my band’s debut album, even if only for personal enjoyment (if you like it that is!) I’ll drop a link to our website at the end where you can find the usual links or happy to send over private soundcloud links if you did find yourself curious and that’s you’re preferred method. No hard feelings if not, I totally understand your comments in your about me section.

    I hope you’ve been keeping well in these strange times for the world and drop me an email any time if you would like to chat.

    Take care,


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