Concert Review: The Cult Keeps its Following

British rockers The Cult brought their loud, gritty rock to a packed Roseland Theater in Portland on Monday night playing their iconic 1987 album Electric in its entirety amongst a boisterous 23-song, two-hour long set. The Cult hit it big in the mid-1980s and for whatever reason fail to receive credit for ushering in grunge rock. Their brash, hard power-chord brand of music pre-dates the so-called grunge movement of the early 1990s, supposedly borne by Nirvana and Pearl Jam, by nearly a decade. Yet stand-outs like “Peace Dog” and “Spiritwalker” somehow get lost on those who opine in the music … Continue reading Concert Review: The Cult Keeps its Following

How to Wash Concert Shirts

Little is more sacred to the concert goer than the tour or concert T-shirt. I can attest to this. I have many. Most of my concert shirts now reside in a bin but I am known to wear a current one at least once a week. The concert shirt takes on different meanings for different people but I believe a common theme is the wearable collectable or keepsake. In the “old days” I usually bought a concert shirt for any show attended. It was for me a reminder or bookmark, if you will, that I attended this concert during said … Continue reading How to Wash Concert Shirts

Concert Review: Fleetwood Mac Goes Their Own Way

Fleetwood Mac played to a sold-out Rose Garden in Portland on Sunday night showcasing their hits and some deep album cuts in what’s more or less a 35th anniversary tour of the release of Rumours. The 23-song set, including eight from the seminal album, felt cumbersome at times and even dragged at points during several moments. However, the highlights certainly carried the evening that lasted more than 2 ½ hours and proved why 35 years after Rumours, the band carries on today nearly as strong as ever. The set opened with what should have been a rousing “Second Hand News” … Continue reading Concert Review: Fleetwood Mac Goes Their Own Way