Album Review: Rush – R40 Live CD

Rush is never going to get a #1 album as long as they continue to release a much anticipated new album the same day someone else, who has a wider fan base, releases theirs. R40 Live has ZERO chance of going #1 against Adele’s new album and it is pretty rare for a live album to top the charts but this album proves what everyone who attended the sold out shows during the summer discovered – Rush has way too much left to call it a career. Released on its own or as a combo with the video version on … Continue reading Album Review: Rush – R40 Live CD

Rush Is Alive and Well – No Plans to Retire

Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation: Rush’s Alex Lifeson Says There’s Life After R40 Tour: ‘I Don’t Think It Is the End’ Rumors of Rush’s demise have been greatly exaggerated — at least according to guitarist Alex Lifeson. The Canadian trio’s R40 tour earlier this year — documented on the new R40 Live CD and home video set due Friday — was accompanied by reports that it would mark the end of Rush, mostly owing to physical ailments suffered by Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart. It may well prove to be the last tour of its kind for Rush, … Continue reading Rush Is Alive and Well – No Plans to Retire

Top 10 Best* Metallica Songs

The other day I got to listening “One,” just a fantastic Metallica song, and thought, why not a Top 10 list of Metallica songs. I enjoy reading Top 10 lists and have occasionally done them for other publications but it’s something I’ve never done before in this forum. I, like everyone else, get drawn into reading them. They’re quite often enlightening, usually entertaining and Top 10 lists provide an easy read for readers. However, these lists tend to be subjective and sometimes, if not always, raise the ire of someone, somewhere. Especially when it comes to music. Perhaps that’s why … Continue reading Top 10 Best* Metallica Songs

Album Review: Def Leppard Delivers With Eponymous Album

Def Leppard released their self-titled album Def Leppard on October 30 – the band’s first studio album in seven years and first new material since a handful of songs put on 2011’s live record Mirror Ball. Def Leppard Self Titled Album Review The 14 song collection lasts about 55 minutes  and indeed showcases who and what Def Leppard is but also delivers on singer Joe Elliott’s promise that it’s got a bit of everything and doesn’t get stuck in a specific era of Def Leppard albums. It’s a rather strong album and in many respects is quite refreshing that a … Continue reading Album Review: Def Leppard Delivers With Eponymous Album