Profile: Light Club

All Photos: Ashton McKenzie With a little inspiration from his grandfather, Gabe Mouer picked up a guitar in his early teens which helped pave the way to joining the moderately successful band The Welcome Home founded in Olympia, WA. His first band now broken up, Mouer combined those experiences with the added maturity that comes with age and started Light Club. The style of music and the song writing is much less controversial than where the name came from – the coffee shop in Huntington Beach, CA where 70’s cult leader David Berg and his followers often met. Mouer said … Continue reading Profile: Light Club

Concert Review: The Pink Party with Switchfoot

Switchfoot took a side trip on their current tour schedule and delivered an inspired performance in front of about 500 people who attended the second annual Pink Party in Portland, OR on Friday at the Left Bank Annex in support of Breast Friends, a non-profit cancer support organization. The band’s last visit to Portland came in April on Easter Sunday to a sold-out Crystal Ballroom for the first leg of their Fading West tour. That show featured a stepped-up stage production and fans received perhaps the band’s most dominant concert of their career. Friday’s fund-raising show for breast cancer, as … Continue reading Concert Review: The Pink Party with Switchfoot