Mammoth WVH Album Cover

Album Review: Mammoth WVH

In 2007, a famous rock band from the 1980s reunited with their original singer, an eccentric sometimes flamboyant sort, for a tour no one ever thought possible. Remaining acrimony within the band however prevented a full return of the original … Continue reading Album Review: Mammoth WVH

Concert Review: Van Halen Improvises Way Through Set

Today’s Van Halen seems more like a cast of characters promptly thrown on stage to see if they can make music together. They certainly look the part and musically it often seemed that way on Saturday night’s performance at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington. The two-hour, 24 song set, which included a guitar and drum solo, was at times the ultimate in hard rock but it often dragged. The band blazed through the first five songs featuring two of their latest “She’s the Woman” and the single “Tattoo” from the album A Different Kind of Truth, released in February, but … Continue reading Concert Review: Van Halen Improvises Way Through Set