Tom Petty playing guitar

Top 10 Best Tom Petty Songs

Unfortunately, we won’t get new music from Tom Petty unless it comes from a vault of unreleased material he sat on prior to his death. When Petty died in 2017 he left a pretty big hole in rock music and … Continue reading Top 10 Best Tom Petty Songs

Missing Tom Petty

Don’t be surprised in the coming months, or even years, if you run into people who did not realize Tom Petty died. Unfortunately he did. And, unfortunately he died the day after the biggest mass shooting in United States’ history because the news kind of got swept under the rug. Mourning his passing felt a bit trivial. Plus there was that whole, did he or didn’t he die thing. That was weird wasn’t it? A bit of false hope that maybe he could pull through. In the end the premature announcement of his death proved simply that. Premature. Perhaps immature … Continue reading Missing Tom Petty

Concert Review: Tom Petty Shows Rock and Roll is Still Alive

Tom Petty is probably the only rocker who plays so hard yet seemingly so relaxed. That almost carefree style to playing led to a stellar set on Tuesday as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers nailed down all the radio staples and a few off their latest album Hypnotic Eye for the aforementioned named tour that hit the Moda Center in Portland, OR. It wasn’t a sold-out crowd as the 300 level seats were curtained off giving those ticket buyers perhaps a nice surprise to move even closer to the stage. But the raucous crowd that maxed out the floor and … Continue reading Concert Review: Tom Petty Shows Rock and Roll is Still Alive