Album Review: Styx – The Mission

Styx dives into its past with The Mission (out June 16) the band’s 16th studio album, it’s first in 14 years and a return to form as they invite the listener on a journey to Mars through this concept effort the classic rockers spent two years writing and recording. Styx is no stranger to concept albums finding smash hits in the 1980s with Paradise Theater and Kilroy Was Here. So, The Mission hardly qualifies as ground-breaking since it’s not the first time Styx or any band for that matter embarked on a journey to a faraway place and put it … Continue reading Album Review: Styx – The Mission

Concert Review: Boston Gives Portland a Little Peace of Mind

With all that’s happening in the world today, it’s nice to just sit back, watch the pros and take a chance on rock ‘n’ roll. Boston brought their 40th Anniversary tour to Portland, OR on Saturday to a lively and robust crowd at the Moda Center, setup in the smaller Theater of the Clouds amphitheater format, tackling all the fan favorites in a well-polished and consummate performance extending nearly two hours and 22 songs. Tom Scholz, who is more or less Boston at this stage being the remaining founding member, ripped through classic song after classic song and a whole … Continue reading Concert Review: Boston Gives Portland a Little Peace of Mind

Concert Review: Def Leppard Gets Loud Just Outside Portland

Def Leppard is not burning out or fading away anytime soon. The British rockers cranked up the volume to a massive crowd on Thursday just up the road from Portland, OR at the Amphitheater Northwest in Ridgefield, WA playing a mostly-hits setlist for 90 minutes leaving little doubt these guys were ready to rock. With the sometimes face tingling vibration emitting from the speakers, the audience often matched the intensity of Def Leppard’s performance with their own singing back in unison to the chorus on most of the songs that demanded it. Letting up only handful of times, even when … Continue reading Concert Review: Def Leppard Gets Loud Just Outside Portland

Concert Review: Styx Does Things Their Way

One of the most forgotten and underrated bands on the planet is indeed still very much alive and if their ardent fan base has anything to say Styx is not going anywhere anytime soon. Playing in front of a capacity crowd at the Northwest Art and Air Festival Saturday night in Albany, OR Styx powered through a 13-song set that included most of their hits and if crowd reaction is any indicator (at least half were first timers to see Styx) their presence in the northwest is solid. Yes, the fee to get in was based on donation only and present-day … Continue reading Concert Review: Styx Does Things Their Way