Review: Rush – Cinema Strangiato

Rush is dead. So it seems. But their memory lives on in the hearts and minds of fans, through terrestrial and satellite radio, and now apparently on worldwide big screen movie releases that just might come annually. The not all that hyped Cinema Strangiato aired Wednesday as a one-time deal and it packed the house pretty good. I bought tickets nearly two weeks ago and the first theater I tried in the Portland metro area was sold out. Clearly, the Rush magnet remains. The concert film was originally marketed as the “1st annual Cinema Strangiato” but looks like someone got … Continue reading Review: Rush – Cinema Strangiato

Dear Geddy, Alex & Neil: Please Rush Back

Hello? Hey you guys there? It’s been two years. Two years exactly, actually. Alex? Geddy? Hello? Forget Neil, he wouldn’t answer anyway. Two years ago today, you guys performed the final show of the R40 Tour. I remember walking to the merch table for the last time. You know, I remember my first time walking to the merch table. Also at the Forum. It was like a found a pot of gold. I probably spent a pot of gold. Anyway, I tried freezing the moment a little bit longer that evening but it was during “Subdivisions” when it really hit … Continue reading Dear Geddy, Alex & Neil: Please Rush Back

Review: Rush – Time Stand Still (Documentary)

So you’re saying there’s a chance? However high, or low, the possibility, Rush fans shouldn’t hold their breath for their beloved members of the famed Canadian rock group to return to the stage, though the door wasn’t exactly slammed shut during the documentary of Rush Time Stand Still shown nationwide on Thursday for one night only in select theaters around the country. The much anticipated film chronicling what’s believed to be the band’s final major tour picked right up where R40 left off in 2015 – sold out – albeit in a movie theater. After an animated short and a 20 … Continue reading Review: Rush – Time Stand Still (Documentary)

Rush Is Alive and Well – No Plans to Retire

Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation: Rush’s Alex Lifeson Says There’s Life After R40 Tour: ‘I Don’t Think It Is the End’ Rumors of Rush’s demise have been greatly exaggerated — at least according to guitarist Alex Lifeson. The Canadian trio’s R40 tour earlier this year — documented on the new R40 Live CD and home video set due Friday — was accompanied by reports that it would mark the end of Rush, mostly owing to physical ailments suffered by Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart. It may well prove to be the last tour of its kind for Rush, … Continue reading Rush Is Alive and Well – No Plans to Retire

Concert Review: Canada Bids a Farewell to Their Kings

The One Direction fans that filled BC Place Stadium on Friday night have no idea what they missed. But the Rush fans who filled Rogers Arena sure do. Now on the tail-end of their R40, and possibly final tour, celebrating 40 years, Rush played the remaining scheduled date in their home country stopping off in Vancouver, BC and played a 23 song, nearly three hour long set delighting old and young fans (who didn’t go across the street) with a strong setlist featuring a whole bunch of older songs but quite a few newer ones too. The youngsters from Toronto … Continue reading Concert Review: Canada Bids a Farewell to Their Kings

Concert Review: Rush Rolls Back Time in Tulsa

You’d think a band celebrating 40 years of touring and making music might sound a bit like a band that’s been touring and making music for 40 years. Not so with the seemingly ageless Rush who is arguably more relevant now than at any time of their career. The power trio hailing from Toronto, Canada that may or may not be calling it quits at the end of their current R40 tour got off to a stellar start on Friday at the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK in front of a mostly sold-out crowd that watched them stroll back through … Continue reading Concert Review: Rush Rolls Back Time in Tulsa

Is R40 a Farewell Tour for Rush?

Updated: Read the R40 Tulsa Review Rush fans everywhere began mapping out dates and clearing calendars after the announcement today of the R40 tour starting in May. However, in all the excitement, many who jumped to the dates and places may have overlooked a notable sentence in the press release: Rush is ready to celebrate with the most loyal fans in the world by embarking on their 21st tour, one which will most likely be their last major tour of this magnitude. It’s certainly not definitive, leaves a window open for future plans, but the comment is telling and quite … Continue reading Is R40 a Farewell Tour for Rush?