Scorpions on stage in Portland on Rock Believer Tour

Best Concerts of 2022

Live shows returned (mostly) unbounded in 2022 leaving the coronavirus blues behind and by spring it seemed like nothing ever happened. Attending concerts, I think, has gotten a bit old. Certainly the violence that continues to plague Portland weighs heavily … Continue reading Best Concerts of 2022

The Weekly Playlist – Nov. 21 to Nov. 27

A plague of Rush dominated the personal airwaves this week starting with the second and longest leg of our tour south for Thanksgiving on Sunday. I continued with the three men from Willowdale during the week and 90s influenced our trip home today. Rush – various albums Hold Your Fire and Test for Echo helped pass the time on Sunday along the 5 freeway in California and when we got in range of 95.5 KLOS, classic Rock for Southern California, I tried the station and Metallica’s “One” was playing! We left KLOS on for a bit switching back and forth … Continue reading The Weekly Playlist – Nov. 21 to Nov. 27

The Weekly Playlist – Sept. 5 to Sept. 11

A road trip to Mount Rainier National Park (link is to my review not spam) helped boost this week’s listening playlist and some fellow bloggers’ recent call-outs offered some added incentive to check out previously untapped bands. The ranking has no bearing on favorability. I like lists and most people do too, gotta start somewhere! Chris Isaak – Live at the Fillmore (album) Brought this signed copy on the road trip to listen for the first time. No, it was purchased at his concert in Bend, OR a couple of years ago, not signed in person. Sad face. But the … Continue reading The Weekly Playlist – Sept. 5 to Sept. 11