Selena The Series

Review – Selena: The Series

Latin pop star Selena’s quick-paced stratospheric rise to stardom suddenly ended on March 31, 1995 at just 23 years of age when the arguably diabolical and mentally deranged manager of her fan club mercilessly shot her. Selena holds more popularity … Continue reading Review – Selena: The Series

Review: Rush – Cinema Strangiato

Rush is dead. So it seems. But their memory lives on in the hearts and minds of fans, through terrestrial and satellite radio, and now apparently on worldwide big screen movie releases that just might come annually. The not all that hyped Cinema Strangiato aired Wednesday as a one-time deal and it packed the house pretty good. I bought tickets nearly two weeks ago and the first theater I tried in the Portland metro area was sold out. Clearly, the Rush magnet remains. The concert film was originally marketed as the “1st annual Cinema Strangiato” but looks like someone got … Continue reading Review: Rush – Cinema Strangiato

Review: Rush – Time Stand Still (Documentary)

So you’re saying there’s a chance? However high, or low, the possibility, Rush fans shouldn’t hold their breath for their beloved members of the famed Canadian rock group to return to the stage, though the door wasn’t exactly slammed shut during the documentary of Rush Time Stand Still shown nationwide on Thursday for one night only in select theaters around the country. The much anticipated film chronicling what’s believed to be the band’s final major tour picked right up where R40 left off in 2015 – sold out – albeit in a movie theater. After an animated short and a 20 … Continue reading Review: Rush – Time Stand Still (Documentary)