Rush Album Covers ranked best to least

Rush Album Covers Ranked Worst to First

It wasn’t just the music of Rush that intrigued fans but also the album covers. What will they come up with this time? But wait, it wasn’t they as in Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart the centerpiece of … Continue reading Rush Album Covers Ranked Worst to First

Review: Rush – Cinema Strangiato

Rush is dead. So it seems. But their memory lives on in the hearts and minds of fans, through terrestrial and satellite radio, and now apparently on worldwide big screen movie releases that just might come annually. The not all that hyped Cinema Strangiato aired Wednesday as a one-time deal and it packed the house pretty good. I bought tickets nearly two weeks ago and the first theater I tried in the Portland metro area was sold out. Clearly, the Rush magnet remains. The concert film was originally marketed as the “1st annual Cinema Strangiato” but looks like someone got … Continue reading Review: Rush – Cinema Strangiato

Concert Review: Rush Rolls Back Time in Tulsa

You’d think a band celebrating 40 years of touring and making music might sound a bit like a band that’s been touring and making music for 40 years. Not so with the seemingly ageless Rush who is arguably more relevant now than at any time of their career. The power trio hailing from Toronto, Canada that may or may not be calling it quits at the end of their current R40 tour got off to a stellar start on Friday at the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK in front of a mostly sold-out crowd that watched them stroll back through … Continue reading Concert Review: Rush Rolls Back Time in Tulsa

Review: Rush Clockwork Angels Tour – DVD/Blu-Ray

You’d think a band renowned for its consummate professionalism would think twice before hiring an amateur videographer. The Rush Clockwork Angels Tour on video (DVD and Blu-Ray) is simply unbearable to watch. It’s not the audio, mind you, which is the saving grace of this poorly shot, directed and edited movie that miserably failed in its attempt at capturing the latest Rush tour. The movie actually starts out quite promising. Filmed in Dallas, TX in 2012 at the end of the first leg of the Clockwork Angels Tour, the video begins with a sound check as band members Alex Lifeson, … Continue reading Review: Rush Clockwork Angels Tour – DVD/Blu-Ray