Athey Music Concert

Best Concerts of 2021

Updated Concerts resumed the second half of 2021 as pandemic fears waned and life returned to a mandated normal. Some states enjoyed live shows sooner than others but by the end of summer people seemingly filled arenas and theaters across … Continue reading Best Concerts of 2021

The Weekly Playlist – Nov. 14 to Nov. 20

Just finished one of the busiest weeks in listening yet! I continued the process of getting reacquainted with those albums I reviewed this year to determine the Top 10 Best of 2021 but the big push came with the long Thanksgiving road trip that began today. My wife chose 80s music for the drive thus the reason for the two of bands with similar members. Usually, she doesn’t like what I bring but this time she asks, after we’re already underway, where is Metallica? Motley Crue? Styx? REO Speedwagon? I didn’t bring any of those because she only likes a … Continue reading The Weekly Playlist – Nov. 14 to Nov. 20