Altadore Wandering Ghosdt album artwork

Album Review: Altadore – Wandering Ghost

Altadore, an emerging rock band out of Portland, OR, released their second EP album last month Wandering Ghost which isn’t a drastic departure from their 2012 effort Golden Hills but certainly takes the band in a different direction that fans … Continue reading Album Review: Altadore – Wandering Ghost

Profile: Altadore

Portland Indie-rock band Altadore feels like one of those bands you better catch quick before they hit it big if you want to say “I say them when…” Their debut album, Golden Hills, might be just six songs long but oozes rich vocals, catchy guitar licks and overt sentiment. Indeed, founder David Katz, who named the band after the district in Canada where his father grew up, took vocal lessons for six months when he was 18. Now 23, Katz’s efforts behind the mic and guitar lead his band which began as a solo effort but now consists as a … Continue reading Profile: Altadore