The Universal Sign for Choking

Profile: The Universal Sign for Choking

Much music gets born through heartache and sorrow. For the artist, this sadness often finds peace through their individual craft, something singer, songwriter and guitarist Jeff Pupa currently works through. Pupa, 33, co-founded Vows, a five-piece band from New Jersey … Continue reading Profile: The Universal Sign for Choking

Missing Tom Petty

Don’t be surprised in the coming months, or even years, if you run into people who did not realize Tom Petty died. Unfortunately he did. And, unfortunately he died the day after the biggest mass shooting in United States’ history because the news kind of got swept under the rug. Mourning his passing felt a bit trivial. Plus there was that whole, did he or didn’t he die thing. That was weird wasn’t it? A bit of false hope that maybe he could pull through. In the end the premature announcement of his death proved simply that. Premature. Perhaps immature … Continue reading Missing Tom Petty

Profile: Mystic Rhythms – Rush Tribute Band

More than two years have passed since Rush performed the final show of the R40 tour. While it’s generally believed that Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart graced the stage together for the last time on August 1, 2015 at the Forum it’s widely hoped that despite their age and decades of touring a bit remains in the tank and eventually the three return to the studio for another album and at the very least an abbreviated tour to follow. Regardless, the absence of Rush on the lighted stage leaves their fans with fond memories, a vast catalogue of … Continue reading Profile: Mystic Rhythms – Rush Tribute Band

The Return of Vinyl Records: The Big Vinyl Comeback

Opening the doors to Harvest Music might stir up images of entering an old basement but without the dust and musty smell. It’s a bit crowded and you’ll have to tip toe around in some areas but if you’re looking for some treasures you just might find it here. Boxes of used vinyl records line the floor and one could spend hours sifting through what any music lover would consider a gold mine. But that’s not all. Rows of CDs and DVDs form the aisles while tapestries and posters cover the windows. Bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and the … Continue reading The Return of Vinyl Records: The Big Vinyl Comeback

Rush Is Alive and Well – No Plans to Retire

Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation: Rush’s Alex Lifeson Says There’s Life After R40 Tour: ‘I Don’t Think It Is the End’ Rumors of Rush’s demise have been greatly exaggerated — at least according to guitarist Alex Lifeson. The Canadian trio’s R40 tour earlier this year — documented on the new R40 Live CD and home video set due Friday — was accompanied by reports that it would mark the end of Rush, mostly owing to physical ailments suffered by Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart. It may well prove to be the last tour of its kind for Rush, … Continue reading Rush Is Alive and Well – No Plans to Retire

Profile: Steven Whitaker

Steven Whitaker has been writing songs almost since the first day he picked up a guitar. He played in a rock cover band for years, but continued to write original songs on the side and recorded rough drafts of his song ideas in his home studio. But he never released an album. The working schedule of a UPS delivery driver doesn’t exactly provide much room or leftover energy for extensive writing and recording sessions so the years went by as Whitaker’s recording computer got the best of his talents as the pile of song ideas piled up. He kept telling … Continue reading Profile: Steven Whitaker

Profile: Light Club

All Photos: Ashton McKenzie With a little inspiration from his grandfather, Gabe Mouer picked up a guitar in his early teens which helped pave the way to joining the moderately successful band The Welcome Home founded in Olympia, WA. His first band now broken up, Mouer combined those experiences with the added maturity that comes with age and started Light Club. The style of music and the song writing is much less controversial than where the name came from – the coffee shop in Huntington Beach, CA where 70’s cult leader David Berg and his followers often met. Mouer said … Continue reading Profile: Light Club

Profile: Altadore

Portland Indie-rock band Altadore feels like one of those bands you better catch quick before they hit it big if you want to say “I say them when…” Their debut album, Golden Hills, might be just six songs long but oozes rich vocals, catchy guitar licks and overt sentiment. Indeed, founder David Katz, who named the band after the district in Canada where his father grew up, took vocal lessons for six months when he was 18. Now 23, Katz’s efforts behind the mic and guitar lead his band which began as a solo effort but now consists as a … Continue reading Profile: Altadore

Profile: Klaus Marten – A One Man Band

If hazy bedroom music is what you’re in the mood for then look no further than Klaus Marten. Hazy bedroom music? Yes, that’s exactly what this one-man band from Brooklyn, NY composes using little more than guitars, keyboards, a shaker and a tambourine. Mr. Marten records all the music himself and downloads his albums using an online platform that allows artists like Marten to share music. No slouch, Marten has five albums and one EP since he started recording music four years ago. Mostly instrumental, he boasts a number of original collections as well as his take on several … Continue reading Profile: Klaus Marten – A One Man Band