Review: Rush – Cinema Strangiato

Rush is dead. So it seems. But their memory lives on in the hearts and minds of fans, through terrestrial and satellite radio, and now apparently on worldwide big screen movie releases that just might come annually. The not all that hyped Cinema Strangiato aired Wednesday as a one-time deal and it packed the house pretty good. I bought tickets nearly two weeks ago and the first theater I tried in the Portland metro area was sold out. Clearly, the Rush magnet remains. The concert film was originally marketed as the “1st annual Cinema Strangiato” but looks like someone got … Continue reading Review: Rush – Cinema Strangiato

Top 10 Best* Duran Duran Songs

My first memory of Duran Duran comes from, I believe, the fourth-grade. Two female classmates rather confidently told me about a new band that was bigger and better than Rush. I don’t remember my reaction but only part of their prophecy proved true (at least for me) and it didn’t last long. The hype exploded and eventually so did Duran Duran. Yes, the band continued in various original member capacities (and became or joined other bands) but without the founding line-up of Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor and Andy Taylor. Eventually, singer Le Bon and keyboardist … Continue reading Top 10 Best* Duran Duran Songs