Review of Foo Fighters Under You song

Single Review: Foo Fighters – Under You

Somehow Foo Fighters summoned nostalgia in their latest single “Under You” released today off their forthcoming album But Here We Are, out June 2.

“Under You” reaches back 25 years or so. Perhaps intentionally, with music that reminds of those melodic 90s riffs from bands that emerged out of the grunge era. A graceful and yearnful track, “Under You” no doubt fully expresses singer and guitarist Dave Grohl’s emotional loss in his best friend and former Foo Fighters drummer, the late Taylor Hawkins, who died last year of a drug overdose while the band was on tour in South America.

Never one to not wear his emotions on his sleeve, Grohl has written a melodic and soulful song that clearly narrates his grief. A love letter of sorts to Hawkins. The song itself already ranks as one of Foo Fighters’ best. Grohl doesn’t scream, at all, and the guitars collaborate with really stellar bass lines in an all-around standard rock and roll pace that begs for another listen. Feel free to live through the lyrics, rather coherent for a rock song, likely written swiftly, but with fondness.

Expect But Here We Are to be completely about loss and love for the former musician who spent 25 years with the band. Though the previously released single “Rescued” didn’t offer a similar memorable punch, if “Under You” offers a glimpse into the Foo Fighters’ latest release, expect it to be one of their greatest.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Watch the video below or on YouTube:

Foo Fighters But Here We Are Songs:

1. Rescued
2. Under You
3. Hearing Voice
4. But Here We Are
5. The Glass
6. Nothing At All
7. Show Me How
8. Beyond Me
9. The Teacher
10. Rest


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  1. It’s a good track. I like it when Grohl sings and not hollers his head off. This song/album will do well. Great stuff dude!

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