Pet Shop Boys Lost EP Album review

Album Review: Pet Shop Boys – Lost

Quite a bit under the radar, Pet Shop Boys released Lost on April 14, a 5 song EP made up of tracks recorded for the English duo’s 13th album Super from 2016.

Their last EP Agenda (2019) preceded Pet Shop Boys 14th album Hotspot from 2020 and yes, the 80s synth pop icons have started work on their 15th album. The two thankfully turned away from the dance club tracks on their last album with a focus on what made them great nearly 40 years ago. Also, rather quietly, Pet Shop Boys hit their 40th anniversary in 2021. A planned tour with New Order for 2020 was rescheduled twice because of the pandemic finally taking place last fall, but I already got a ticket refund.

One might think the album title Lost means the songs were lost and later found thus the unheralded release of this EP. However, singer Neil Tennant said the tracks did not fit Super and “they all sit together quite well, production-wise, they’re all super-electronic.”

Indeed, they are with the extraordinary exception of one. The first four don’t have a lot of substance, lack a distinguished melody and move along mostly thanks to the usual drum machine dance beat while deprived of the overall charm these two regularly build into their albums. “The lost room,” a slower meandering track just kind of exists. “I will fall” steps up the pace a little with inquisitive keyboard accompaniment and of the four closely resembles Pet Shop Boys the most.  “Skeletons in the closet” and the goofy “Kaputnik” both have rather catchy beats but also beats that might sink in and drive you mad. So maybe in a few days I will learn to embrace these two or fully dismiss never wishing to hear them again.


“Living in the past” presents a grand departure from just about anything they have ever done. A piano-centric ballad that far surpasses the other four songs on this 20 minute EP and screams, more of this please. Who knew Pet Shop Boys could deliver a melancholic yet sensational tear-jerker?

Tennant by the way knocking on the door of 70 years sounds no different than he did 40 years ago. An amazing accomplishment to hold on to his most recognizable and youthful vocals.

Lost also accompanies the 2023 edition of Pet Shop Boys Annually book which the band (group?) began publishing annually in 2017.

Grade: B-

Pet Shop Boys Lost Songs:

  1. The lost room
  2. I will fall
  3. Skeletons in the closet
  4. Kaputnik
  5. Living in the past

7 thoughts on “Album Review: Pet Shop Boys – Lost

      1. Críticos sendo críticos, fan de verdade consegue sentir e entender cada expressão de seu ídolo . Amo demais PET SHOP BOYS e eles sempre conseguem me sorprender com cada batida e nota nova de cada música.

      2. Obrigado por ler e comentar. Não entenda mal, gostei da maioria das músicas, mas prefiro o estilo do último álbum deles e aqueles que fizeram o PSB grande.

  1. The Pet Shop Boys are such a departure from most of the bands you usually write about. Prompted by your review, I listened to the EP and basically agree with your points. Like you, I don’t much care for “Skeletons in the closet” and “Kaputnik”, but really like “Living in the past” a lot.

    1. Thanks for chiming in! I know you’re a pretty big fan. You should see some of the comments. It’s not a bad review. lol. I know in past conversations I think you said you’ve wanted to see them live so hopefully they tour and you can see them next time around.

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