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Single Review: Metallica – 72 Seasons

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Metallica released today the title track – the fourth and presumably final single – off the forth-coming 72 Seasons out April 14.

A behemoth time-wise, “72 Seasons,” the song, comes in more than seven minutes long. Add that to the current crop of releases off the new album, Metallica delivers more than 23 minutes in just four songs. 72 Seasons, the album, features 12 songs lasting more than an hour.

The title track does not develop its melody as quickly as “Lux AEterna,” “Screaming Suicide” or even “If Darkness Had a Son.” It opens righteously enough, a fast-paced push led by Kirk Hammett’s guitar and Lars Ulrich’s drums which hearkens back to their 80s thrash metal days but then it slows up a bit resembling more of “new Metallica.” So yes, old meets new in “72 Seasons” if such a thing exists with Metallica. And by new, the last 15 years of album releases.

The near eight minute long “72 Seasons” passes by quickly, comparatively, thanks largely in part to the alternating structure that blends the quick-pace with the more relaxed headbanger’s jam that carries throughout the song. The chorus prevents this one from becoming a powerhouse of a track with little melodic arrangement that interrupts the flow a bit, but a couple of Hammett solos and along with the verse and bridge keep “72 Seasons” from turning into a dud.

Stay tuned. Just a few weeks left before the unveiling of the full album. 72 Seasons track list below the video for the title song. If grayed out watch and listen to “72 Seasons” on YouTube.

Metallica 72 Seasons Song List:

1. 72 Seasons
2. Shadows Follow
3. Screaming Suicide
4. Sleepwalk My Life Away
5. You Must Burn!
6. Lux Æterna
7. Crown of Barbed Wire
8. Chasing Light
9. If Darkness Had a Son
10. Too Far Gone?
11. Room of Mirrors
12. Inamorata


14 thoughts on “Single Review: Metallica – 72 Seasons

  1. I haven’t preordered this album as I will stream it first. Liked the first tune they dropped from this album but with all the reissues and what not I’m a little burnt out on them. Having said that I have a copy of Reload on hold at my local record shop lol

      1. I think has more to do with them always being in the press. I get tired at times seeing that stuff but if there’s KISS drama I’m for that lol

    1. I have high hopes for the new album. Reload is one I have not heard all the way through. let’s see a review when you get it!

      1. Well I’m getting it not to sure when I will listen to it. lol. I got both of GNR’s UYI on vinyl at Xmas and finally pulled the wrap off of the yellow one a few weeks back….

      1. Sometimes certain songs require multiple listens to get a real sense of the stricture and how all the parts fit together. When you start to “know” the song, you can appreciate the arrangement and composition of the song much more. If Justice came out today for instsnce, there would be a lot of initial reactions complaining about how “disjointed” a lot of the songs seem after only one listen.

  2. I’m so tight with my money nowadays that I don’t really feel like spending it on a new Metallica album. They’re called Metallica, but the album cover is yellow (yuck)!

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