Album review for Skillet Dominion Day of Destinty

Album Review: Skillet – Dominion: Day of Destiny

17 songs!

Just in case you missed it, because I did, renowned Christian nu metal rockers Skillet released their 11th album Dominion a year ago. Today, Skillet dropped Dominion: Day of Destiny an hour long deluxe album consisting of the 12 Dominion songs along with five more.

A lot to digest when hearing for the first time. (I was on temporary retirement at the time Dominion was released.) Skillet has come a long way since their debut days solidifying a core ensemble and quite a bit of structure to their music and sound. They exceptionally harness the modern rock / nu metal sound and stick with what works.

This album, whether as Dominion or Dominion: Day of Destiny, just about head bangs from start to finish. Singer and founder John Cooper, also on bass, has truly developed his vocals even if the hoarse bucks some people off his style, but bringing on wife Korey Cooper as keyboardist and adding her feminine background vocals adds depth plus necessary softness to John’s gristle. Drummer Jen Ledger also contributes on vocals and Seth Morrison on guitar since 2011 lays out complete and commanding solos and rhythm.

“Surviving the Game” opens the Dominion: Day of Destiny more or less defining the band’s tone, sound and musical attack throughout the record though Skillet includes a couple of breathers while taking time to step away from the high-pulse energy by including slower more emotionally and spiritually bent tracks like “Valley of Death” “Forever or the End,” and “Refuge,” the latter, one of the album’s best.

Morrison riffs throughout “Dominion” while “Destroyer” lays claim to the deep album cut, a great track that adds some fuel to the second half of the original record release as album closer “White Horse” shows some experimentation without deviating from their brand.

The five songs that make up the deluxe version of Dominion feed right into the Skillet genre though wrapping up after close to an hour of music and absorbing Cooper’s guttural delivery, my throat began to hurt. “Psycho In My Head” makes up not only the best of the new music but as a whole one of the best songs on Dominion: Day of Destiny.

I don’t understand the deluxe release. (The album cover remains the same except for “Day of Destiny” printed at the bottom.) The skeptical side says “that’s how they getcha” meaning something else to buy for the uber fan. However, (and perhaps I am out of the loop) kind of genius too considering most bands release a deluxe album at the same time, instead, Skillet takes it a step further and adds five new songs (one a remake of “Finish Line” off 2019’s Victorious this new one featuring Adam Gontier former lead singer for Three Days Grace) releasing the album under an extended new name a year later. Keeps Skillet on the musical stove top at the very least.

Nevertheless, with five songs on the table, why not just spend the year coming up with a handful more and release a whole new album? A great way to add to your studio album discography, but that’s just me.

Dominion Grade: B+
Dominion: Day of Destiny Grade: B+

Skillet Dominion: Day of Destiny Songs:

  1. Surviving the Game
  2. Standing in the Storm
  3. Dominion
  4. Valley of Death
  5. Beyond Incredible
  6. Destiny
  7. Refuge
  8. Shout Your Freedom
  9. Destroyer
  10. Forever or the End
  11. Ignite
  12. White Horse
  13. Crossfire
  14. Psych In My Head
  15. Finish Line
  16. Unbreakable Soul
  17. The Defiant

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  1. I have heard good things about this band. Maybe I need to stream this one and give it a shot. I have so much stuff in my Apple Music so whats another one added into the mix. Great stuff dude…

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