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Single Review: Metallica – Lux Æterna

A nice surprise this morning in my inbox as Metallica announced the release of their new single “Lux Æterna,” the April 14, 2023 release date of their forthcoming album 72 Seasons along with two years’ worth of tour dates. Sadly, another stadium tour but leave it up to Metallica’s hardy innovation as each city stop includes two nights, usually Friday and Sunday with different set lists, similar to the band’s 40th Anniversary concerts.

For the yesteryear Metallica fan still moaning and groaning about the band selling out and offering nothing worth listening to after …And Justice For All the song “Lux Æterna“ easily belongs on any one of Metallica’s first three albums.

The quick-paced “Lux Æterna” sounds gritty and raw if not spirited – led by Lars Ulrich’s vicious drum fills and  guitarist Kirk Hammett’s rapid fire fret work – some of it reminiscent of early Anthrax. Yes, Metallica has recorded a rather stellar song in “Lux Æterna” sounding fresh and focused as ever more than 40 years after their start. Though “Lux Æterna” represents just one of 12 songs and little more than three minutes of the 77 minute long 72 Seasons, if it indicates the life to come Metallica will again redefine all expectations.

Scroll down to see the 72 Seasons track list and listen to “Lux Æterna” below or click on this link if YouTube grays it out:


Metallica 72 Seasons Song List:

  1. 72 Seasons
  2. Shadows Follow
  3. Screaming Suicide
  4. Sleepwalk My Life Away
  5. You Must Burn!
  6. Lux Æterna
  7. Crown of Barbed Wire
  8. Chasing Light
  9. If Darkness Had a Son
  10. Too Far Gone?
  11. Room of Mirrors
  12. Inamorata

10 thoughts on “Single Review: Metallica – Lux Æterna

  1. I like this track Andrew. Look forward to hearing the rest of the album as they release tracks from it. Thats a pretty massive tour they are undertaking. Give em credit they are still coming up with some cool ideas on the live presentation which is cool…

  2. Not a big fan, but not not a fan either. I like some of their stuff and have at least one album. I’ll stream it before I buy this one. Great review either way!

    1. a quick fast paved listen I think you’ll like. thanks for reading! I’m so behind on yours. loving the SCORPS reviews.

  3. A real banger for sure. Like John, I’ve never been a huge Metallica fan, though I do like quite a few of their songs. I personally liked their album “Hardwired…To Self Destruct”, but what do I know?

    1. I enjoyed hardwired too. this new one gets better and better I think. thanks for reading! I’m behind on yours too. sad face emoji.

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