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Album Review: Nickelback – Get Rollin’

OK, come on now.

No laughing.

Somehow, someway, somewhere Nickelback developed a reputation. That reputation being no one really admits listening to them. Often dismissed and sometimes casually tossed off as a joke, Canada’s favorite rock band defies expectations, retains three of their founding core and released their 10th album Get Rollin’ today (Nov. 18)  while just a few years away from celebrating their 30th anniversary as a band.

I first heard about Nickelback probably late 90s when 95.5 KLOS morning jocks Mark and Brian of the Mark & Brian Show fell head over heels with Nickelback, playing a few of their cuts on the show and instantly the hard pounding drums and energetic guitars on display showed a new power player in rock music.

Nickelback hit it big thanks to their third album Silver Side Up with an unfortunate release date of Sept. 11, 2001 and have become radio staples ever since. At one time, I heard Nickelback was the highest grossing tour in the country which helped spur my decision to see them in 2010. A relatively unknown band at the time named Shinedown opened and upon seeing their performance it was clear they would be somebody soon.

Nickelback on the other hand. Well, that was when I got a taste of perhaps why so many rock fans readily reject them. Their primary fanbase, at least on this night, consisted of 13 year old boys and teenage girls a few years older, many of whom seemed ripe for eventual contestants on MTV’s Teen Mom.

Oh, they played well. I enjoyed the concert for the most part, when they played. Singer Chad Kroeger spent more time talking in between songs than the band did playing. I don’t recall if I wanted to yell or I actually yelled but “Would you just shut up and play!” went through my head often. The other thing I took away was Nickelback came across like a bunch of posers. Similar to Green Day trying to associate themselves with the early 80s punk movement and failing miserably, Nickelback seemed intent on being rock brothers to Motley Crue or Guns ‘N Roses. But that time had passed so they should have just embraced the emerging modern rock movement if not position themselves as the patriarch.

That’s just an observation, of course, because the Nickelback formula works and continues on Get Rollin’ an 11 song, 40 minute-plus record and the band’s first in five years. Kroeger and his gruff vocals remain, so does guitarist Ryan Peake and bass player Mike Kroeger. Long time drummer Daniel Adair has at this point solidified his position in the band taking over in 2005.

Whether or not that kid in front of me at the concert (attending with his dad) who went home with some prized merch remains a fan, or anyone else present that evening for that matter, Nickelback recorded a rather fun album in Get Rollin’. It probably won’t make any Top 10 Best Albums of 2022 lists but the gang is all here. In your face drums, hard rock guitar, the vocal grit you picture someone else singing and of course ballads. Say what you want about Nickelback they do deliver some righteous ballads.

Get Rollin’ starts off just as I remember upon first hearing them with “San Quentin.” Yep, that’s why they made such a dent so many years ago. Lickity split drum work and power guitar. It continues on “Skinny Little Missy” before the first softy in “Those Days.” Sure, it sounds a little at times like their smash hit “Photograph” but go ahead and add another emotional tug to their catalog. Actually, this album features several sentimental pushes including “Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing?” (how could you not tell with that song title?), “Horizon” and one of the album’s best and quite possibly one of Nickelback’s best in “Standing in the Dark.”

“Vegas Bomb” crushes with drums and guitar, “High Time” steps a bit out of their wheelhouse infusing some country licks and even more success in “Tidal Wave” a slower 80s style Bryan Adams like rocker and the melodic “Steel Still Rusts.” Album closer “Just One More” reinforces the notion that you should stop while you’re ahead. Not necessarily a bad song, just unnecessary, sounds like filler, but a usable track needing more time.

Nickelback is, well, back. Not that they went anywhere. But with adulthood in full swing for these guys maybe, just maybe, they find new stature for all the right reasons.

Grade: B

Nickelback Get Rollin’ Songs

  1. San Quentin
  2. Skinny Little Missy
  3. Those Days
  4. High Time
  5. Vegas Bomb
  6. Tidal Wave
  7. Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing
  8. Steel Still Rusts
  9. Horizon
  10. Standing in the Dark
  11. Just One More

3 thoughts on “Album Review: Nickelback – Get Rollin’

  1. The last album I bought by these guys was The Long Road in which they showed up here to town. Good band never understood why people are so judgey at them yet they are laughing all the way to the bank and in the end thats all that matters…
    I’ll check this one at some point once I get through the 103 KISS Creatures deluxe set!

      1. haha…my box set got here earlier today and its stellar. They went all out. I’m blown away its like I’m 15 again! lol

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