The Weekly Playlist – Dec. 19 to Dec. 25

Merry Christmas!

The penultimate Weekly Playlist. Such an odd word to describe the second to last of something. Well, I digress. Not a huge week of listening to music but got in some all-time favorites and broke in a new speaker.

  1. Metallica – (various songs)

Night 2 of Metallica’s 40th Anniversary show occurred Sunday which I tuned in for with nearly the same amount of excitement as attending a concert in person. Seriously. Night 1 was awesome and Sunday did not disappoint with another two-hour, 15 song setlist of classic and deep album Metallica cuts. The livestreams were very well done and something I certainly embrace. Read the review for more information and the songs Metallica played.

  1. Rush – Power Windows and Clockwork Angels (albums)

Did you know December 21 is International Rush Day? While the United States uses 12/21 to designate December 21, most countries start with the month first thus 21/12. I actually remembered this year, probably because of all the 21s and the 12 in this year’s day so I cranked Power Windows and Clockwork Angels via vinyl. And the next day…

  1. Rush – Grace Under Pressure (album)

I streamed Grace Under Pressure via my computer to my new Lerxst Audioengine speaker. That dastardly Alex Lifeson was hawking something on his website and I bit. Took forever to arrive and the speaker is Bluetooth which I knew but thought maybe some type of wiring system would connect to the record player. No such luck and the speaker simply comes with a magnetic Lerxst speaker cover so pretty sure he got a nice sum of money to put his nickname on an existing system that failed to impress in its audio quality.

  1. Athey Music – What Child Is This (song)

It is Christmas week so I sought out some traditional Christmas songs and my new favorite Christian band did an amazing job with “What Child Is This.”

  1. Joy to the World – (various artists)

One of my favorite Christmas songs I learned is not about the birth of Christ but the Second Coming of Christ. It sure feels imminent with the rumor of war in the Mideast, tornadoes wreaking havoc, the coronavirus, earthquakes and lawlessness running rampant. I wonder what’s in store for 2022? Anyway, I tried Phil Wickham’s version he sang with others for the TV Show The Chosen as well as Pentatonix’s version, which I did not finish and opted for some random traditional one I found on Youtube. Sometimes less is better and traditional versions should be left alone.

  1. Merry Axemas (album)

Got one more spin in of this yearly listen.

  1. Motley Crue – Decade of Decadence (album)

I forgot I had this greatest hits album. The last few songs didn’t measure up to the first half.


5 thoughts on “The Weekly Playlist – Dec. 19 to Dec. 25

  1. Merry Xmas Dude.
    Hope the man in red was good to ya. Power Windows is probably in my all time Top 4 RUSH albums if we were to do a list. Such a killer album plus Clockwork Angels on vinyl?! Total score…
    Enjoy your day dude..

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