The Weekly Playlist – Dec. 12 to Dec. 18

With the Top 10 Best Albums of 2021 mostly wrapped up, I concentrated my listening efforts on music that came to mind or I heard about or that sat around a bit too long without listening.

  1. Def Leppard – Self-titled (album)

The underrated and underappreciated self-titled Def Leppard album from 2015, also the band’s “latest.” This one sounds like a missing record or some type of vault release from the 1980s without feeling dated. The band didn’t give this one much play on ensuing tours either, despite plenty of worthy tracks. Where is Def Leppard anyway? Twice cancelled tour with Motley Crue (thanks to COVID) and no new album whispers. Hmmm…

  1. The Vandals – Oi to the World (album)

The first and last time I will listen to this “Christmas” album. Oi vey.

  1. Geddy Lee – My Favourite Headache (album)

Notice the spelling of favorite, thus I played the vinyl version of Geddy Lee’s lone solo album released in 2019 for record players with the Canadian spelling of favourite. All I want for Christmas is a Geddy Lee / Alex Lifeson together-again-making-music album.

  1. Weezer – Green Album (album)

I finally opened this record after sitting unopened for at least two years and I mean actually removed the cellophane. I had a gift certificate and bought this album and Everything Will Be Alright in the End (just to use the certificate) but I really wanted the Blue album, something harder to come by. A couple of good songs but not their best effort. I should have left it sealed. So, since I opened this album, I might as well…

  1. Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright In the End (album)

…open the other Weezer album I bought two years or so ago that has remained sealed. A far better album than the Green album. I saw this tour too. Interesting because they played a small venue of about 1,000 people and five years later hit the arenas. Amazing what covering a Toto song accomplishes.

  1. Metallica – Various songs

I think watching the livestream for Show 1 of the 40 Years of Metallica concert counts for this list. Sixteen songs, at least one off every studio album. A great evening watching at home with the second night happening Sunday.


8 thoughts on “The Weekly Playlist – Dec. 12 to Dec. 18

  1. Eh, I thought the self-titled Def Leppard album was ok, but that’s why I want them to hurry up and release another studio album already; I want them to show me that they’ve got it! I thought ‘Songs from the Sparkle Lounge’ was not bad, so I know they’re still capable of something.

  2. I found that the Leppard album got stronger as it went on meaning some real solid tracks even better at the back end of the album than the front.
    Talking to Andy C I guess the Envy of None should be coming out soon but I agree it would be cool to hear new music from them..see what 2022 brings…
    I’ll to check out Metallica tonight if I remember lol

    1. agree on Def. Metallica is 12 am your time. lol. but I think it will be available for later viewing. wasn’t going to do a writeup but I got something going.

      1. Look forward to that writeup. I actually watched most of it this am as it was up on YouTube.
        I have Prime so If I’m up late tonight (since I’m on holidays I will check it out)

  3. I love the self-titled album and I agree it is underrated. There are some cool songs on their. Can’t wait for the new one as I know they have been working on some songs.

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