The Weekly Playlist – Nov. 28 to Dec. 4

A busy week as December rolled in with lots of listens for the forthcoming Top 10 Best Albums of 2021. The new releases have slowed down for the year as nothing has peaked my interest in recent weeks but just to mix it up I listened to a remixed album. But tis the season…

1. Merry Axemas (album)

Expect this one to appear on this list for a few weeks. A fun guitar oriented approach to classic Christmas songs. “The Little Drummer Boy” my favorite for some obvious reasons. You can check out the artists and what they contribute here.

2. Weezer – OK Human and Van Weezer (albums)

Did you forget Weezer released two albums this year? Read the review and the review!

3. Eclipse – Wired (album)

Just as good as the first listen. Read the review.

4. Greta Van Fleet – The Battle at the Garden’s Gate (album)

Heavy album. Needs another spin. Read the review.

5. Samantha Fish – Faster (album)

Probably her best release but is it good enough to make the Top 10 of 2021? Read the review.

6. The Offspring – Let the Bad Times Roll (album)

Had Offspring released this album 25 years ago they might have had another smash on their hands. Read the review.

7. Daughtry – Dearly Beloved (album)

The American Idol alum probably didn’t need a TV show to get his career going, or at least he shouldjnt have needed it. Read the review.

8. Thrice – Horizons/East (album)

I’m still not sure what to make of this album. Is it great or just OK? Read the review.

9. Imagine Dragons – Mercury – Act 1 (album)

This one has not settled as well as when I first hear it. Still good but I think it’s missing something. Read the review.

10. Duran Duran – Future Past (album)

The more I listen the more I realize Duran Duran has evolved. A good thing showing they refuse to rest on their laurels. Read the review.

11. Switchfoot – interrobang (album)

I think someone dared Switchfoot to move musically. Read the review.

12. Toad the Wet Sprocket – Starting Now (album)

This one has settled better than when I first heard it. Read the review.

13. Rush – Vapor Trails – Remixed (album)

If you have not heard the remixed version of Vapor Trails then stop what you’re doing and listen. Or go read my review.


7 thoughts on “The Weekly Playlist – Nov. 28 to Dec. 4

  1. Like seeing these playlists Andrew. Nice to see you bookend the 1 and 15 spot with RUSH! I need to check out that new Greta album. At some point lol

      1. I haven’t it watched it recently, actually. But I saw season 18, when covid was just starting. From what I saw, the judges are too nice, they’re eliminating multiple contestants per week, and they focus on the sob stories now. But basically the same format, finding a potential superstar and failing to make them big like Kelly Clarkson.

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