The Weekly Playlist – Oct. 17 to Oct. 23

All albums this week no individual songs. It doesn’t seem like much, just the four entries, but I listened to Duran Duran’s latest multiple times as well as No Doubt’s first album. Takes a lot of work sometimes to write something fair and accurate, at least from my point of view, and even then, some doubts (not no doubts) can creep in. Thus, the debut album series I started earlier this year returned after a few months off and an anniversary brought out the vinyl, a far better experience than streaming.

  1. Rush – Counterparts (album)

The highest-ranking ever Rush album was released 28 years ago Oct. 19. A week earlier Counterparts probably would have reached the top of the charts for the only #1 Rush album. Well, it may not rank as the #1 Rush album, but listening did unofficially start the process of ranking the 20 Rush studio albums from worst to first. I should set a release date then postpone like all those postponed Rush album release dates I lived through in the 1980s. Stay tuned… well, if you care a lick about Rush.

  1. Duran Duran – Future Past (album)

The 15th studio album released yesterday from the former British Fab 5 down to the Fab 4 since 2006. Forty years after their debut album, Duran Duran remains a force to reckon with even if their latest doesn’t book-end the debut.

  1. No Doubt – Self-Titled (album)

The debut album review series continues after a several month hiatus with No Doubt’s 1992 effort.

  1. Triumph – Allied Forces (album)

The signature album for the Canadian hard rockers. I’ve heard of them but not really, if that makes any sense. I bought their greatest hits record for my nephew last Christmas and after listening (just to see who exactly these guys were) I was surprised at the high vocal range from singer Ric Emmet’s Geddy Lee like vocals! I’m pretty sure I’ve heard these guys before. Then DeKe over at Thunder Bay Arena Rock blog had in in-depth discussion about Allied Forces on his YouTube channel.

4 thoughts on “The Weekly Playlist – Oct. 17 to Oct. 23

  1. Thanks for the shout out dude! Allied Forces is such a killer album. I’m glad you checked it out.
    Counterparts is stellar. Love Lifeson’s guitar tone on the record as well as Neil setting the table with Animate!
    Great stuff dude…

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