The Weekly Playlist – Sept. 26 to Oct. 2

Already five of these Weekly Playlists! So far, the idea behind posting what I listened to the previous week works because I am not only listening to more music but also bands and artists I likely would have filed away and never got around to listening. Case in point…

  1. BTS – Butter, Permission to Dance, My Universe (songs)

OK, listen. In a strange coinkydink, I did not know who BTS was but at the same time I did. Last week’s Weekly Playlist brought them to light so I decided to jump in. Turns out I’m not too out of touch as I knew “Butter” though if asked I would have guessed Justin Timberlake. In terms of streaming, “My Universe” is also considered a single for BTS and listening again I take back a little of last week’s comments for Coldplay. It’s actually not a bad song.

As far as BTS, I see why they are so popular but really no different than their predecessors Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and New Kids on the Block.

  1. Max the Axe – Oktoberfest Cheer (EP)

The most reviewed album of the year! So many Max the Axe reviews came across my feed I had to check it out. Reminded me of early punk rock (one of the songs is a Black Flag cover) with its raw sound and a little Dead Kennedys in there, too.

  1. Duran Duran – United Tonight, Anniversary, Invisible, More Joy! (songs)

Duran Duran released their latest and final single “United Tonight” off their forth coming album so I listened to all four. I can tell you, so far, Future Past sounds real good.

  1. Jeremy Camp – When You Speak (album)

A new album by the Christian singer/songwriter. And, another new album I initially decided I wasn’t up to to the task on reviewing but after some thought and listening a few times, I put forth the effort.

  1. Everclear – Various songs

I got an email announcing Everclear coming my way next month. Their songs started playing in my head so I had to listen. I’ve seen them twice, once at the Oregon Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony and I had no idea it was for their induction until I got there and again a few years ago which was not a great showing. Haven’t decided on going yet.

  1. Future Theory – Hang Your Hat (song)

Another interesting selection from Eclectic Music Lover (fellow music writer). A UK based rock band with an alternative prog rock sound that would probably be a bigger deal in the states if they were from here.


6 thoughts on “The Weekly Playlist – Sept. 26 to Oct. 2

  1. I think Backstreet Boys are way better than BTS, but let’s not get into any arguments here. Let’s just wait and see if BTS will have a career as long as Backstreet Boys! Also, if they’ll have catchy, pop songs that people will remember 20 years later.

  2. Nice to see some Axe on here. I really like that Everclear album. The one with afterglow on it. I’m too lazy to goggle it. lol

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