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Single Review: TobyMac – Promised Land

TobyMac lost his son two years ago.

A tragedy that he will carry for the rest of his life, TobyMac managed a tribute to his son Truett a few months later in the song “21 Years.” But, this type of wound never heals as the Hip Pop artist, formerly of DC Talk,  who somehow manages to intertwine pop, rock, hip hop and sometimes rap into his albums resulting in a rather eclectic and diverse collection of songs, released his latest single today (Sept. 16)  “Promised Land.”

An emotionally raw ballad, filled with honesty and a heavy heart, TobyMac delivers one of the finest songs of his career in “Promised Land.” Embracing more of an alternative rock feel akin to some of Coldplay’s gut-punchers, I understand that he comes from the hip hop world, but this style of music not only does more to get his message across but perhaps proves where his talents really lie.

A relaxing melody carried by simple bass notes to start, the pace picks up after about a minute with the introduction  of the drums. However, the vocal crescendo just under three minutes in shows a range and gift I’m not sure TobyMac has displayed before. A moving and passionate cry that hits quite unexpectedly.

“And even though the questions change / the answers always stay the same / maybe someday I will understand…I won’t give up on this race / broken but I still have faith / that this ole life is all part of a plan.” Yep, he’s still grieving but clearly has hope and a future.

Here’s the thing: I don’t think “Promised Land” is so much about TobyMac’s continued sorrow than it is about you and whatever life headwinds you face. Fans grieved with him when he lost his son, now he’s grieving with you in the best way he knows how, by sharing something personal that gets straight to the heart.

TobyMac – Promised Land

Click here if video doesn’t play. It’s worth the effort.


9 thoughts on “Single Review: TobyMac – Promised Land

  1. TobyMac is awesome. I can’t imagine what he has gone through over the last couple of years as that is a parents worst fear. I’ve followed him since DC Talk and he has put out some great stuff over the years. I also follow his former bandmate Michael Tait and love his two solo/band albums with Tait!!

  2. I’m not at all familiar with TobyMac (despite the fact I learn about new artists EVERY SINGLE DAY since becoming a blogger 6 years ago, I’m still astonished by how many artists & bands – some of whom are quite successful and well-known – I still know nothing about!

    At any rate, this is a really beautiful and poignant song.

    1. haha, same here my friend. feels like a know nothing sometimes. beautiful is a great word for the song. changing a word for tomorrow’s weekly playlist. 😉

    2. oh, if you have Facebook check out the video. it’s only on until tonight. he uses the story of a miner going through life. it’s an interesting follow along with the lyrics.

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