The Weekly Playlist – Sept. 5 to Sept. 11

A road trip to Mount Rainier National Park (link is to my review not spam) helped boost this week’s listening playlist and some fellow bloggers’ recent call-outs offered some added incentive to check out previously untapped bands.

The ranking has no bearing on favorability. I like lists and most people do too, gotta start somewhere!

  1. Chris Isaak – Live at the Fillmore (album)

Brought this signed copy on the road trip to listen for the first time. No, it was purchased at his concert in Bend, OR a couple of years ago, not signed in person. Sad face. But the happy face returns when listening because what you hear is what you get. Great recording of an authentic Chris Isaak concert.  Quite possibly one of the most underrated vocalists of our time.

  1. Gin Blossoms – Mixed Reality (album)

I like this album, but my wife had a sharper critique hearing it for the first time even though she’s heard several of the tracks live. We fought for a bit.

  1. Duran Duran – All You Need Is Now (album)

Her band. OK, I like Duran Duran and this album too. Besides, I saw them live before she did.

  1. Coney Hatch – Self-title (album)

First time ever listening to Coney Hatch. GREAT name. Alex Lifeson of Rush has an album coming out this fall with Coney Hatch singer Andy Curran. But to be honest, Deke over at Thunder Bay Arena Rock fame (fellow music writer) has talked these guys up for some time. Kind of wish I lived in Canada because Rush being the greatest band ever, and Coney Hatch, also from Toronto, CA, is a band I would have been a fan of. At first, I wondered why Coney Hatch didn’t make it big in the states but, honestly, I think we had enough similar rock bands of our own in the 1980s to keep them from being the 80s Rush.

  1. Satin – Origami Heart (album)

Eclectic Music Lover (fellow music writer) dropped Satin in a review earlier this week. Never heard of them but the alternative rock description got me and indeed I’d categorize Satin as 90s rock. Fun finding new bands!

  1. Samantha Fish – Faster

Reel her in while you can, she won’t be touring small venues for long. Her new album Faster shows a more pop and rock side to the traditional blues and roots artist.



8 thoughts on “The Weekly Playlist – Sept. 5 to Sept. 11

  1. Coney Hatch! Atta boy Drew! If you cruise around Mikes Lebrain Youtube page our 3 chats feature a lot of RUSH talk with Andy.

      1. I will send em…the first one was glitchy and the second one we had Andy on with Mike Fraser which was awesome…
        Andy is a great guy. So cool to connect with him …

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