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Single Review: Duran Duran – More Joy

Based on the title, you’d think Duran Duran’s new single “More Joy,” off their forthcoming album Future Past coming October 22, might toe the line of an upbeat, catchy pop song expressing a desired reprieve from the last year and half.

Instead, Duran Duran delivers an outside the box track for the second single release from the new album, the first single “Invisible” dropped in May. For “More Joy,” the band collaborates with Japanese rock band CHAI, gets a contribution from Blur guitarist Graham Coxon and shows a continued effort to find new inspiration.

“More Joy” does have some Red Carpet Massacre and Medazzaland influence, at least to me, with a much heavier rock presence – falling in line with much of today’s modern acts – intertwined. Certainly makes sense with two rock influences on board. But you still get Duran Duran thanks much in part to singer Simon Le Bon’s vocals.

CHAI does little more than provide background chatter to get, as keyboardist Nick Rhodes suggested, “more girlish voices” while Coxon lays down a few bars of guitar that fits right in with Duran Duran’s general use of the instrument – a piece of the puzzle that accentuates the melody rather than take over. Lots of electronic and keyboard sounds from Rhodes with a pep in drummer Roger Taylor’s step.  

The first half or so of “More Joy” dominates with a catchy melody but mostly repeats itself for the final minute or so. It will stick in your head after a few spins but go ahead and file this one under an eventual B side cult favorite from the Duranies. Regardless, Duran Duran offers another carrot as this song should only increase anticipation for the future. Check out “More Joy” below.


7 thoughts on “Single Review: Duran Duran – More Joy

  1. So what you’re saying is this track is kinda ok? lol. I listened to the track and its got a neat beat but I hear what your saying as this one will slip off the radar after a few spins. I wish John Taylor would rock it out more. Get back to the Neurotic Outsiders!

    1. yeah, he was pretty absent on this one. something I almost noted but figured my not mentioning him made the point. lol

  2. I haven’t listened to any of the singles yet. I am going to wait until the album and listen to them all in the one setting as that is the way I like it to do things.

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