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Album Review: Mammoth WVH

In 2007, a famous rock band from the 1980s reunited with their original singer, an eccentric sometimes flamboyant sort, for a tour no one ever thought possible.

Remaining acrimony within the band however prevented a full return of the original line-up so the teenage son of the founding member filled in on bass guitar leaving purists raising their eyebrows and fans watching a kid bounce around on stage with his rock star dad trying to be cool.

Little did we know, Wolfgang Van Halen wasn’t just a fill-in so Van Halen the band could hit the road with David Lee Roth for the first time in more than 20 years.

Today, the 30-year old son of the late Eddie Van Halen, dropped his debut self-titled album wrapped up in a band called Mammoth WVH. WVH needs no explanation, the Mammoth coming from the name of Van Halen before Van Halen with Eddie Van Halen as lead singer. Little influence from his father’s primary band filters in on Mammoth WVH, instead you hear quite possibly the best out of three worlds from Foo Fighters, Anthrax and Shinedown, in this rather outstanding and ambitious nearly hour long 14 song record.


Mammoth WVH Album Review

Wolfgang Van Halen arranges his Mammoth WVH album near flawlessly with memorable harmonies, polished phrasing and striking rhythms inside an intricate mix of soft melodies and driving melodies, hearty and intricate guitar, and well-done rhythm changes, sometimes all in one song.  He sings, and can sing in various tones and pitches, and plays all the instruments – guitars, bass, drums – whatever you hear, Wolfgang has his hands in it. Named after the famous composer, Wolfgang Van Halen is already proving himself a modern day Amadeus in the rock world.

Mammoth WVH opens with catchy beats in “Mr. Ed” and immediately you get the idea that Wolfgang has his guitar work down. The hard rocker “Horribly Right” follows and nope, this isn’t Foo Fighters – definitely could be – this is Mammoth WVH. What a great song. It only gets better with the bass leading on “Epiphany” in this solid modern rock song akin to something from Jimmy Eat World’s catalogue. Lots of brilliant guitar fills this one out.

What’s missing? Oh right, let’s not forget the drum work – how Wolfgang got his start way back when – which highlights “Don’t Back Down” in this influenced-by-metal rocker that changes the pace and focus of the album. “Resolve” softens the tone as Wolfgang reaches for some quick higher vocal notes for some depth but the guitar still steals most of the show. Hear some Collective Soul in “You’ll be the One” and along with “Mammoth” both resume the alternative rock garage guitar sound which give way to “Circles” a softer track flavored with some keyboards and thoughtful reflection.

Chris Cornell comes alive in Wolfgang’s vocal work on “The Big Picture” a heavier, guitar-centric track that taps into the grunge era and the 90s continue on “Think It Over” a pop alternative rock gem reminiscent of those from that decade. By now it should be clear Mammoth WVH taps into various influences to create an all-encompassing sound.

“You’re to Blame” keeps the power on with concentrated guitar chords, at times overlaid, for a robust sound in this well-mixed track. “Feel” delivers a killer guitar and drum jam midway through Wolfgang probably wasn’t even able to appreciate until he put it altogether and hit the playback button. Mammoth WVH never hits rock-bottom but the slow pace of the guitar-bellowing “Stone” begins to wear on the album, now 13 songs in, but really a lot going on in this one requires a few more listens and you don’t want to tune out because album closer “Distance” completely changes the tempo and character of the record, a touching love song of sorts with delicate rock guitar and fully expressed emotion, lyrically and melodically, that draws you right into the loss of Wolfgang’s father or perhaps even your own.

Mammoth WVH works in lots of hard rock, pop rock and some modern rock but avoids the common radio friendly clichés so often made from simple beats and harmonies. Heavy and sometimes hard, Mammoth WVH leaves the angst and sometimes overtly grit, you get with metal bands that raise your blood pressure, far behind. Instead, this album offers a reminder of why you like rock music in the first place.

You really can’t help but root for Wolfgang Van Halen, not just because of the footsteps he’s following, but because Mammoth WVH helps refill a musical well quickly running dry.

Grade: A-

Mammoth WVH Songs:

  1. Ed
  2. Horribly Right
  3. Epiphany
  4. Don’t Back Down
  5. Resolve
  6. You’ll Be the One
  7. Mammoth
  8. Circles
  9. The Big Picture
  10. Think It Over
  11. You’re to Blame
  12. Feel
  13. Stone
  14. Distance

21 thoughts on “Album Review: Mammoth WVH

  1. This sounds GREAT Drew!! I am so disappointed that Amazon is sold out. I will get it soon but not today apparently. Your review makes me hungry for a Mammoth.

    1. it is so good. I’m wondering if I should just give it a straight up A. Every song after another, solid work by WVH. His father would be proud.

      1. Sometimes I like to wait til like the end of the summer and re-review. I’m so happy for Wolf. He takes so much shit online, and it pisses me off, because I was once bullied too. I don’t know why they pick on Wolf.

      2. Today was a particularly good day for new releases. Dennis DeYoung was an album of the year for me last year so I have high hopes for his new one today.

      3. oh yes! have to put that one on the list. Garbage too. Styx in a few weeks I am really hoping is as good as they say.

  2. Wicked stuff Andrew! I have not gotten through the whole album yet and you nailed out an review. lol
    I preordered this on vinyl from WVH’s online shop and got the autographed copy coming which is cool and the price including the exchange rate into Canadian was fair as well. Wolf wasn’t out to gouge and boost the price of his record with the signature which was excellent as well!
    Tomorrow is RSD. I’m kinda psyched about that as my daughter said I could pick out a couple to titles as an early Father’s Day gift.
    Life is good man…

    1. this one i may buy. I guess I know where you will be tomorrow. any particular reason why RSD is tomorrow for Canada?

      1. I have no idea why. I’m just a follower. Heads up we are talking to Andy Curran tomorrow at 1pm Est (10 am your time)
        Come join the fun as there will be some RUSH talk like last time!

      2. ok, thanks for heads up! can watch after too, right? that’s how I catch the others though I’ll be home in the AM tomorrow

      3. Yup its always on rerun on Mike’s YouTube Channel..
        Mike Lebrain Youtube…Thanks for watching..
        Cool that you watch them. I had no idea

  3. A well-written review Drew – I must say one of your finest among those I’ve read. Now giving “Mammoth WVH” a listen and it’s strong on every level. My personal pick for best album of 2021 so far though is Lord Huron’s “Long Lost”.

  4. Great review Drew. Such an awesome album. This was my most anticipated album of the year and it did not disappoint. My vinyl will be here on Wednesday so can’t wait.

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