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Single Review: Duran Duran – Invisible

Six years have passed since Duran Duran’s last album Paper Gods but fans need to wait just a wee bit longer as the band has announced the release date for Futures Past, their 15th studio album on Oct. 22, 2021 and the first tease with  the song “Invisible,” out today.

Duran Duran has managed to blend a bit of their past, present and perhaps future in “Invisible” a daring track with minimal pop sounds that fully sounds like Duran Duran and could be a deep album cut off Seven and the Ragged Tiger or a single release from All You Need Is Now.

Singer Simon Le Bon sounds great in front of overarching keyboards with a great drum track as John Taylor plucks his bass rather affectingly giving the song some serious funky grooves alongside a captivating rhythm. “Invisible” embodies a slower but more dramatic tempo than the quickstep of Duran Duran’s typical energetic fare, but far from a ballad

Like many bands, Duran Duran delayed the release of Futures Past and “Invisible” because of the coronavirus pandemic, but in 2019, keyboardist Nick Rhodes said Duran Duran had been working on the new album since the beginning of that year. Rhodes said, “There’s one song so far that’s a front runner to be the first single. It’s just so different from anything I’ve heard from us before, or actually anyone else. There’s a dance element to it. The construction of it, the melodic content, the lyrics, some of the sounds. They’re very different for us.”

He didn’t provide any more clues to that particular song but “Invisible” certainly checks off most of those boxes.  And if “Invisible” offers any gauge, expect Duran Duran to be fully visible on many Best Albums of 2021 lists.

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  1. Good on them putting out new music. John Taylor is a beast on the 4 string. Who plays guitar with these guys now.

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