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Single Review: Switchfoot – i need you (to be wrong)

The floodgates seem to be opening!

With everyone locked down last year with time on their hands, including bands, what else to do but write and record music.

It was clear Switchfoot was working on new material during the pandemic and the beginning fruit of their forthcoming 12th album was released Friday – “i need you  (to be wrong)” – styled in lower case.


A bit slow and certainly out of the box for Switchfoot, I’ll at least give them that, but “i need you  (to be wrong)” sounds more like something taken off the cutting room floor of singer Jon Foreman’s solo album Departures, released earlier this year. Somewhat catchy, (but not overly and you have to listen to it again which after the first spin you might pass) with captivating guitar instrumentation, “i need you  (to be wrong)” envelops a sleepy arrangement, Foreman slurs through the lyrics at times, like he did on Departures, and while a pretty big departure (pun sort of intended) from the band’s upbeat rockers, showing at least overall proficiency and a bigger well of ideas, this one fails to launch.


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    1. good comment. I’ll check out Milky Chance. you do have some pretty cool obscure artists you review!

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