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Single Review: Coldplay – Higher Power

Chris Martin seems to be reaching for something else.

Coldplay released “Higher Power” on Friday their first glimpse of new material in nearly two years with their ninth album forthcoming.

In an interview with BBC2, Martin said the coronavirus lockdown opened his eyes a bit.

“I was like, ‘Who am I without Wembley stadium, saying you’re awesome?’ I’m trying in my life right now to not attach too much to being a pop star,” the singer said. “I’m trying not to get my self-worth from external validation.”

Take those comments along with the song’s “Higher Power” title as you wish. Musically, “Higher Power” bridges 80s keyboard pop with the more traditional Coldplay sound so not necessary a return to form, as in total separation from the last few records, but perhaps a better sign of thing to come. “High Power” needs a few spins to dial in the melody and sounds like it was produced using a drum machine, keyboards and computer programs.  

Not that Coldplay regularly rocks out with guitar riffs and other sensational guitar solos but it certainly sounds like the fretboard was left outside the recording studio. Not a knock, just an observation.  And, with 80s nostalgia seemingly making waves of late, “Higher Power” fits in perfectly well.

And, darn those Chris Martin vocals – now on the third spin I eagerly await their new album.

Coldplay – Higher Power



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  1. I’m a big fan of Coldplay, but was not impressed the first time I heard this song, as it sounded pretty generic and formula to me. But by the 3rd listen I’ve started to like it. It’s just so darn catchy and upbeat!

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