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How To Enjoy Watching Livestream Concerts

Attending a concert often imparts an unimaginable impact on your senses leaving you in awe for days.

It’s why we go!

This was the norm until the coronavirus put a pause on live events and ended touring. After March, all 2020 concert dates were postponed and rescheduled or canceled. Even new albums were delayed but eventually this new normal resulted in bands trying something new to connect with fans and keep the music alive.

Since the shutdown eight months ago, bands have tried a number of approaches to give fans their music in a live setting while avoiding packed arenas and concert halls including actual drive-in events where people drove their cars to concerts, pre-recorded concerts broadcast at drive-ins and livestream events.

Livestream concerts give the viewer a taste of a live show in the comfort of their own home while watching on television, computer or even their phone. The passionate concert goer may snub their nose at the idea of “attending” a concert via the internet however I can say with the right approach, you not only can enjoy and get a lot out of a livestream concert but even count the concert in your total number of times of seeing said band(s).

Also, from a marketing standpoint, when we get back to attending in person, offering livestream options could revolutionize the touring business by providing a more inexpensive option for fans to enjoy and attend the show, but at home.

How Do You Livestream Concerts
Metallica held a livestream concert last week

In recent years, in many respects I forced myself to attend concerts. Not sure what happened, but the whole process got old. I hate driving to the venue, usually by myself, fighting traffic then looking for parking. I leave way too early, purposely, to account for traffic and any other unforeseen events and almost always arrive with plenty of time to spare. Then fans annoy me whether from the ear-piercing screaming, the constant need for beer/food/restrooms and/or their cell phones blocking my view.

Granted, every single time I am glad I went.

However, after seeing two livestream concerts, I could get used to this. If bands per-fect the livestream experience and offer a cheaper ticket to watch from the comfort of my home I may “attend” more concerts from home rather than in person. Therefore, I give you my tips to successfully watching a livestream concert.


Tips to Livestreaming Concerts

Yes, of course, it’s not the exactly the  same but with the right frame of mind and some preparation I am convinced you can enjoy the show at home and tomorrow say, I was there. Follow these tips to watching a livestream concert and enjoy the show!

  1. Set the Tone

Bought a ticket? Then act like it! You. Are. Busy! If you were going to the show, say on Saturday at 7 p.m., then act like it. Sorry, not available. No phone calls, no last minute errands. Make arrangements to get what needs taken care of, taken care of. Let those who need to know that you have plans otherwise simply make yourself unavailable.  Then go early. Seriously, sign in to the livestream and wait.

In short, get into the head space of attending a concert this weekend.

  1. Set the Ambiance

Close the blinds, close the curtains, turn off the lights! Summon those feelings you get when the house lights suddenly turn off, the arena goes dark and your favorite band emerges on stage. Don’t watch the concert with the lights on, the dishwasher running or the dogs playing. It’s an event but it’s now up to you to make it one.

  1. Use the Right Equipment

Do not watch a livestream concert on your phone or computer. Period. If you want to “attend” a livestream concert you need to put yourself in the front row. Do this by watching on your widescreen television with a sound bar. I suggest a minimum 65-inch television and unless you have one with a high-end sound system get the sound bar. Don’t have either? Think of all the money you saved NOT attending concerts this year and go shopping. You can find a solid 65-inch flat screen TV for under $500 and a sound bar for about $100.

I have not ranked these tips in any order but this probably ranks #1 in terms of truly enjoying and experiencing a live concert while in the confines of your home.  If you cannot justify the expense of a new TV but already have a nice 45- or 55 inch television without a sound bar, then get a sound bar.

  1. Watch the Livestream Concert Live

Last week, I “attended” the Metallica livestream concert but watched the Foo Fighters livestream the next day. A psychological effect exists when watching an actual live performance on TV compared to a recording. Watch your livestream concert live. It makes a difference.

  1. Resist the Urge to Pause or Rewind

In my experience, you can pause and even rewind the show. That’s good and fine later (as I was able to watch again in a small window of time) but when watching keep it real and keep it live. Watch the concert from your couch just as you would in person at the venue.

  1. Attend with the Right Friends

If your normal concert buddy scoffs at the livestream concert idea or you know another friend will spend more time on their phone or raiding the kitchen, then go this one alone. Again, you need to set the ambiance and ensure that attending a concert at home resembles attending a concert at a venue.

  1. Want to Live it All Again?

You know that experience that left you on the concert high for days even weeks after and you so wished you could live it all again? Both livestream concerts I attended allowed you to watch again for the next 48 hours. So, after you have employed the above tips then go right ahead an watch again and again and again. Rewind, pause watch again. Because you already saw it live!

If you have not tuned in to a livestream concert or simply dismissed it outright with plans to wait until 2021 (assuming the government allows us) because of purist tendencies, put your fears to bed. No, watching on TV does not duplicate the in-person dynamic but you can enjoy a livestream concert and with the correct approach make it an event you will never forget.

The only problem? You don’t get an admission ticket for your collection.

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  1. I paid and watched one live stream show back in October. It was cool as I played it through the big screen in the house and rocked it. As you said I watched it on and off again for 48 hours later.
    Something is better than nothing in these times.

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