Single Review: Foo Fighters – Shame Shame

Foo Fighters Shame Shame art

Thankfully, in music, first impressions don’t necessarily leave a lasting image.

I don’t normally check out what others think to help base my like or dislike of something however after hearing the new Foo Fighters’ single “Shame Shame” off their forthcoming 10th studio album Medicine at Midnight (out Feb. 5, 2021) I wanted to see if perhaps I had heard wrong. I did not. In fact, quite a few comments were made with rather harsh critiques.

But something about “Shame Shame” felt catchy. I wonder if this song could eventually develop into something you need to listen to again. And again.

Indeed, it does.

“Shame Shame” doesn’t impress much on the first run through, though the intricate drum arrangement from Taylor Hawkins keeps your interest. The slow pace never picks up much into a hard rock tempo, a la “Run,” but then again the same can be said for any number of Foo Fighter songs. And singer Dave Grohl doesn’t scream his way through it, though he doesn’t on many or even most of their songs anyway, but on stage he somehow turns them all into a screamfest.

Neither up beat nor painstakingly slow “Shame Shame” won’t make the Top 10 Best Foo Fighters Songs list, but similar to “Sunday Rain” off Concrete and Gold, it works as a solid deep album cut and will get the live treatment it deserves.  That said, hopefully, “Shame Shame” proves more of an introduction to Medicine at Midnight verses a representation.

Speaking of live, Foo Fighters plan a live online concert at 5 p.m. Saturday at the Roxy in Los Angeles.

Foo Fighters – Shame Shame