Single Review: New Order – Be a Rebel

New Order Be A Rebel single artwork

I’ve never reviewed a single release before and won’t make it a habit for the future, however when I saw New Order dropped a new song then quickly discovered this band in prime form, it deserved some attention.

I was to see New Order, for the first time since 1993, later this month with Pet Shop Boys but the concert at The Gorge was cancelled and moved back a year. Tickets were not sold as quickly as I thought they would, thus I ended up with two pairs, buying a section closer to the stage for less money than the originals I urgently bought when tickets went on sale. Thankfully, I got all my money returned and will try again next year. Hopefully TicketMaster doesn’t continue its ticket price fluctuation policy.

At any rate, New Order released “Be a Rebel” this week, their first new material since 2015’s Music Complete, an album I didn’t pay much attention to as New Order began to lose me after 2006’s Waiting for the Sirens’ Call.

New Order Be A Rebel Review

“Be a Rebel” pours out classic New Order from the starting notes with a rapturous and sometimes shifting melody all done on synthesizers, with a complementing blend of electric guitar plus a skipping drum beat, that delivers a healthy dose of dopamine all the way to the end. Singer Bernard Sumner at 64 years old sounds exactly as he did during New Order’s 80s prime when they rose to fame thanks to smash hits “Blue Monday,” “True Faith,” and “Bizarre Love Triangle.”

“Be a Rebel” is wonderful song.  Takes me back to their underrated and underappreciated Republic album from 1993. Makes my day and so far my month. Check it out. I certainly hope this provides a glimpse into more to come.

And, the lyrics. So fitting for the times we’re in.

So don’t get mad and don’t feel sad
Be a rebel, not a devil
There will come a day

When your fear and self doubt fades away