Concert Review: Toad the Wet Sprocket Takes Portland Fans for Granted

This would have been a review of the Todd the Wet Sprocket concert at the Aladdin Theater on Thursday night in Portland however the worst snow storm in years to hit the Portland-metro area pummeled the city.

Quite surprisingly, Toad the Wet Sprocket opted to go on with the show.

Who knows how many people arrived, and arrived safely, though based on only one audience photo released and linked to on the Aladdin Theater Facebook page the would-be sold out crowd was not sold out. Not even close. There’s more to life than trekking through hazardous weather conditions for a Toad the Wet Sprocket concert or any concert for that matter.

The near-by Helium Comedy Club cancelled their evening show, why didn’t Toad? Theater management said if the band’s in town the show goes on. Whether that’s theater protocol or the band’s, regardless it points to greed at any expense. At $35 a ticket who can blame the band for canceling, right? That’s a load of dough they get to walk away from. Damn the fans who can’t make it because of a snow storm.

Damn those same fans Toad the Wet Sprocket asked to GIVE them money so they could get the word out on their new album. New Constellation, released last year, is a pretty good album, but do you really need your fans to give you money to promote your new album? If it’s any good, the music speaks for itself. It shouldn’t surprise anyone then that even if only one person showed up the band was going to take their ticket money and run.

Not surprisingly, the Aladdin Theater, which gleefully announced the show must go on throughout the day on Thursday as the snow fell heavier and heavier and the northbound I-5 into Portland was more or less shut down thanks to an inconsiderate driver abandoning their car in the middle of the freeway, has yet to post anything about the show. If it was such a great concert wouldn’t you post something about it?

The members of Toad the Wet Sprocket fell down on this one. The Aladdin shows nothing scheduled for Sunday or Monday, the band plays Seattle Saturday night where this mini-tour of sorts ends until they hit the road in May. Seriously, they couldn’t have done the right thing, postponed and come back on Saturday or Monday?

The band said they are “very sorry so many could not get to the show.” Then why didn’t you postpone it?

And in yet another surprise “Stupid” wasn’t part of the set list.